Our Instructors




Jules is the owner and Head Instructor at Freedom Fitness.

From the rhythm of her earliest days to the pulsating beat of a fitness studio, Jules, the heart and soul behind Freedom Fitness, has always been a dancer at heart. Her journey with dance commenced at the tender age of 5, and ever since, she's been immersed in the world of movement and expression.

As an accredited Group Fitness Instructor specialising in SHiNE Dance Fitness, Freedom HIIT, Mossa Group Fight, Mossa Group Active, and Mossa Group Centergy, Jules brings a unique blend of expertise, energy, and a zest for life to every class. With over a decade of instructional experience since 2007, she not only understands the art of movement but also the art of motivation.

Why choose Freedom's programs? Jules believes in workouts that are not only effective but exhilarating. She weaves fun into every routine, turning fitness sessions into a joyous celebration. Jules isn't just an instructor; she's your fitness ally, pushing you beyond your limits and guiding you towards your fitness goals.

Beyond the studio, Jules fosters a community where women come together to support, empower, and uplift each other. It's more than fitness; it's a sisterhood thriving in our local community.

Join Jules and the Freedom Fitness community, where every beat, step, and stretch is a celebration of life, fitness, and the power of togetherness. 


Sharleen is our resident pocket rocket and teaches SHiNE Dance Fitness, Mossa Group Active and Mossa Group Fight. 

When she became a new mum herself, she was watching all these women walking out of a community centre pushing their prams and looking really happy.  She had to be in on that and that's when she tried dance fitness.  She hasn't looked back and has been a dance fitness instructor for over 20 years.

Sharleen is known for her entertaining and challenging classes.  She uses the choreography and the dynamics of the music to provide each of our members with challenges and a class that you'll never forget!


Natalie has been a group dance fitness fan for a really, really long time.  And we finally convinced her to become an instructor in 2019 and it's been so rewarding for her and our members.

Natalie teaches Mossa Group Active and loves that she can provide cardio, strength and stretch to each of her class members.  She takes a lot of pride in her classes and ensures that all our members are putting in 100% when they attend her classes.

Natalie knows how busy life can be - she's a busy mum that balances work, life and workouts!  What's so great about Group Active is that it's ideal for the super busy who need to fit everything into one hour - cardio, strength, balance and flexibility.


Ash started dancing at the age of 4 and has never looked back! Ash is our resident Mossa Group Centergy and Pop Pilates Instructor.

Ash loves the Centergy program as it's specifically designed to increase strength, balance,flexibility and overall mobility to move you through life with a lot more ease and a little more grace!

Ash understands the importance of exercise when it comes to physical and mental health and loves that instructing allows her to engage and give back to our community. 


Nicole is our resident strength instructor and takes a lot of pride in providing a class that is super-challenging and very rewarding. 

Nicole started her group dance fitness journey as a member and was soon hooked.  She became an instructor in 2016 and as part of her Instructor journey, has fallen in love with the focus on strength, stability and balance.

As our MOSSA Power Instructor, Nicole loves the combination of traditional strength exercises with high-rep training, athletic movements and interval training - ensuring you get the best results out of every workout.  

Nicole is a super-busy mum, so understands how busy life can be - but knows that making time to focus on her workouts has paid dividends for her and our members.


A few years back, Neroli attended a Group Dance Fitness special event as a vendor and saw how much everyone was enjoying their workouts!  She wanted to be in on that!

She attended her first class a few days later and that was it.  She was hooked.

Neroli is a SHiNE Dance Fitness instructor and has a passion for working out, being part of a fabulous fitness community and nutrition.  She has the cheekiest sense of humour and that's just one of the things what our members love about her!

You're having so much fun in Neroli's classes that you don't even realise that you're a sweaty mess at the end of the hour!



Tracey has been instructing dance fitness for over 20 years and loves how working out via dance is great for the body and mind. 

Tracey is our Club Fiesta Instructor and is super entertaining.  Every one of her classes is a big party! She provides a great mix of new and old songs to the latest in motivational movements.

With Tracey's classes being a great combination of cardio, strength and stretch - she ensures you get a whole body workout in just one hour!


Kristen started her fitness journey with us just after we launched in July 2020.  An avid 6am class fan, she started to attend classes regularly and achieved some amazing results - mind, body and spirit!

Kristen is one busy woman but she sees the benefits of taking the time out for herself and focusing on her fitness.

She was talked into becoming an Active Instructor in early 2021 (but she didn't take too much convincing!)

Kristen is super-organised, super-social and super-fun!  You'll love how much she puts into every class and you will see and feel great results from her MOSSA Active, MOSSA Blast and POUND Fitness classes.